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European Made Oven or Australian Made Oven - Which is the best for the Australians?

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Common Dryers Error and how to fix them

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European Made Oven or Australian Made Oven - Which is the best for the Australians?

European Made Oven or Australian Made Oven - Which is the best for the Australians?

There has been a lot of debate about whether the ovens in Australia are a good quality product to buy. In the middle of the Electrolux company, the parent company of trademarks such as Westinghouse, Chef and Simpson was the general consensus that parts were purchased cheaply abroad and gathered in Australia.

What made people think is something like a real Australian oven.

What we all need to understand is, like everything else, if you choose cheaper versions of any brand you will get cheaper components and therefore take some extra risk.

Ovens are important in our homes

This is something we all need, and no matter what type we decide, each home will have an oven. But how much does it cost to pay and how do we know what is done Australian with good components (even if its outsourced) and what will benefit us best in the coming years.

A great place to start can be to look at your needs and how you intend to use the oven. Not everyone cooks a lot in their but they look impressive in the new custom designed kitchen. Others run most hours of the day used at every opportunity and for every possible dish to feed the family and friends. It is likely that most of us end up somewhere between these extremes.

Australian Made For Australian Conditions

The very best thing about buying a quality Australian product is that it is designed for our conditions, which is completely different from Europe. Europeans are big on design factors and for this reason they can seem good value for money.

If you are a passionate Aussie and intend to keep the Australian business alive, you will carefully look for a locally cooked oven with good warranty and an available price range.

They exist, and in most cases they have functionality and good looks to suit most Aussie kitchens. But lets get back to the price for a moment.

Get what you pay for

This in itself is capable of worms because one person can afford another can look so very expensive, it is very very relative to the situation of the person in question. What is more important is to look carefully at how often your oven will be used, what it is used for and how long you think of the oven that holds you.

Many times, you may just want a short term solution while saving money for something better. It may be an emergency where you need what you can afford at that time, but assuming we make a calculated decision and have some expenses for money, which ovens are the best for the Australians? What price range do we look for for durable quality and Australian?

Make yourself shaken to think about it because we all know that ovens are in a large price range and some of the price tags are huge.


There are some excellent ovens manufactured in Dudley Park, South Australia under the trusted brands at Electrolux, Westinghouse and Chef. The best thing about these ovens is that they are made for our culture and conditions. Here are some of the tailor-made benefits:

Greater oven capacity than European models (80 gross tonnes).

Fully glass lined interior doors that provide a superior seal.

Triple glass doors for optimal heat retention and efficiency

Removable doors for easy cleaning.

In-cavity fans to reduce heat transfer to adjacent kitchen cabinets doors and trimming.

Gas ovens are found in both natural and LPG, a feature that only comes with Australian-made ovens.

As for the online shop around the world, for the best prices for these brands and models in upright and built-in ovens:

Westinghouse - POP663S, POP667W, PXP688S, PGP659S, PAK557W Electrolux - EOEE62AS, EUEE63AS Kock - EBC5271W

You will find a good range of prices that suits most but try to spend as much as you can to ensure a good long-term performance. Check out the new range of Australian ovens that now come to market to suit our unique needs and conditions.

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